We currently have no accommodation vacancies

Applications for Accommodation

If you are interested in applying as a resident in any of our properties, please first click on the frequently asked questions link below to see whether you fit our criteria and for more general information.

Please note that our properties are only available for single occupancy and that none of our flats or cottages in The Close are suitable for applicants with mobility problems.

If you then want to apply for a particular property (when and if we have a vacant property), or just to join our waiting list, please download the accommodation application form by clicking the link below, print it off, complete it and then return it to our office.

An emailed application (using a word-processed form in MS Word ‘DOC’ format) is entirely acceptable.

The College of Matrons is committed to the protection and safety of all data, both paper and electronic, it collects for its lawful business. Before submitting any completed Application Form you should read our Privacy Policy.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Post your accommodation application form to us at:

The Steward to the Trustees
The College of Matrons

The Old Laundry
42A The Close

Email your accommodation application form to us at:

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